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35 years of service - Merdan GmbH
Managing director Manfred Merdan places particular value on personal attention to his customers. Visits and consultation at regular intervals are for him and us an obviously necessary part of the service.

1980 – 2015
Continuous investment in the improvement of the production facilities and in important environmental technologies assure us and our customers of the desired standard of quality.

GeschäftsleitungWe are able to supply granulates of the
highest quality in various colours for the
terrazzo, reconstituted stone and pre-
cast component industries and also for
the refurbishment of older buildings up
to ornamental goods at home and abroad.
For modern gardens and landscaping we
also manufacture decorative gravels and
round pebbles in different colours. Our
good contacts to producers at home and
abroad further increase our range of mat-
erials and possibilities on offer in this inter-
esting market.

Michael Merdan
Doris Merdan
Manfred Merdan
Managing director

Manfred Merdan takes over the company, which then trades under the name “Bayerische Weißkalkwerke Merdan GmbH” (Bavarian White Lime Works Merdan Ltd.). As new managing director he kept and still keeps an eye open for further sources of stone and further diversified the range of products. New aggregates from the company’s own production such as Perlweiss (pearl white), Calcitan, Rot S (Red S), Grün (green) and granites of various colours now add to the mix of merchandise on offer.

The present owner, Mr Manfred Merdan, joined the company then called “ Bayerische Weißkalkwerke Krug & Hagenmüller“ (Bavarian White Lime Works Krug & Hagenmüller) as a trainee in 1961.

From 1948
The black lime existing in the company’s own quarry was no longer burnt but ground into granulate material. For the new, flourishing terrazzo industry this now became more and more popular and was employed very successfully under the names „Döbra Schwarz“ (Doebra Black), “Blauschwarz“ (Blue Black), “Aderschwarz“ (Veined Black) and “Schwarz, weiss geadert” (Black, White Veined).

Company founded Bayerische Weisskalkwerke (Bavarian White Lime Works) was founded in 1916 by a merger between two lime-works. Up to around 1948 the burnt lime (white lime) was supplied throughout Germany.